Snow Day

Yesterday first I woke up and took a shower. Then I fixed my little brother and I breakfast. After that I had ate breakfast I started to sort the clothes so I can wash them. While the clothes where washing  I played Gta 5 (Grand theft auto 5). When the clothes where done I went out side with a couple friends.

While we where outside first they walked us to the store so I can get something things for my mom. After I dropped my mom stuff off we went to go play basketball for like 2 hours. When we where done playing basketball we went to pick a friend and stayed at his place to play the game.

We played the game for 1 hour. My friend mom came and picked us up to take us to her friends house so we can chill with her friends sons. We just basically played the game there to and played football outside for 45 min. My friends mom took us home after that and I just took a shower and got on Youtube until I had to go to bed.

#caatech #xroadsDITL2015