Senior plays

So I saw a play done by the seniors at festival for the arts. They were both very different. The first one that I'm going to review is an absurdist play. It was very bizarre. I mean I excepted to be that way because absurdist plays aren't really know to making that much sense. It starts off with a person walking and a group of people walking in opposite directions. They tell him that it's not real and it's a just a dream. Then it goes to him eating something. Cereal I guess and he sets on a person (Colin) and he gets and says I'm a person. To which the person replies So? Colin then walks off. Then two other people eat cereal while people crowd around them begging for food and the people ignore them. After that 4 people are shouting things that come from a commerical while people around them go in a figure 8. Then the people in the figure 8 go backwards. Then the play repeats in backwards orders.