By. Samantha Meadows & Nadia Bucks

Tonight, Tonight

Original Artist - Hot Chelle Rae

Arranged/Composer - Roger Emerson

Time Signature - 2/2

Parts - 2 parts & piano

Background Info - One of their most famous songs is Tonight, Tonight.  The song is 3:20 minutes long and the genre of the song is pop/rock.

Interesting Facts - Hot Chelle Rae won Best New Artist at the 2011 AMAs with their hit album, Tonight, Tonight.  The group are a American pop/rock band formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2005.


Original Artist - Bastille

Arranger - Jacob Narverud

Composer - Dan Smith

Time Signature - 4/4

Parts - 3 parts & piano

Background Info - The song is in their hit album "Bad Blood".  The song Pompeii is exactly 3:00 minutes long.

Interesting Facts - The song reached number 4 on the Australian ARIA Chart, number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on the Alternative Songs Chart.

How Are The Pieces Contrasting?

1. The duration of the songs are different by 20 seconds.

2.  The time signatures are different because Tonight, Tonight is 2/2 and Pompeii is 4/4.

3.  The melodies are harmonies are different sounding.

4.  Pompeii has one extra part than Tonight, Tonight.

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