Capitol: Kabul

Population: 33.55 million (2014)

Government type: Islamic Republic.

Qabli Pulao: Is the most popular dish of Afghanistan. It is steamed rice with chops of raisins and carrot. It is often served with lamb. Other variants of pulao are also available in Afghanistan. People eat it with meat, vegetables or beans.

3 Problems Afghanistan faces.
1. There is way too much violence.
2. The war within other countries are getting very out of hand.
3. Many people wish there would be more security.

3 Solutions to those issues.
1. They should have some sort of government control and serious consequences.
2. Afghanistan and the other countries should try and work things out and keep peace within themselves.
3. There should be some sort of pay to those who would like to keep the streets without as much violence so they feel safe.

Would I visit Afghanistan?   
Yes! I think I would like to visit Afghanistan because of its very unique way of living. I would like to be able to visit a country i know my country has tension with. But I don't think I would walk around without guards. I highly recommend that if in the near future you look into going you should. Just be very careful.

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