English Colonial Speculator

Being an English Colonial Speculator included lots of ups & downs & having to make the most of what they had. With exploration & opportunities for growth rising around them, they saw many ways to help out their country. Included are some ideas of how they promoted growth in their country; through mercantilism, global exchanges & exploration.


Mercantilists believed that a nation's true wealth depended upon the amount of gold or silver the country had. They believed that a nation must export more goods than they import in order to build up their wealth & supply in gold & silver. Mercantilists encouraged governments to take on policies to increase the nation's wealth. The encouragement from mercantilists brought governments to establishing roads, single national currencies & standard measures.

Global Exchange
(columbian exchange)

The Americas contributed to the Europeans through a variety of foods; tomatoes, peppers, potatoes & corn. Potatoes were very important to the Europeans because it helped to feed the country's rapidly growing population. In return, the Europeans brought wide varieties of plants & animals to the Americas. These plants & animals included: wheat, grapes, cattle, pigs, chickens, goats & horses. The cattle, pigs & chickens added protein to the Native American diet & were unknown to them before their exchanges with Europe.


English merchants were the main promoters of exploration & discovery of new lands. They wanted spices (cinnamon, peppers, cloves) to preserve & flavor meat. These spices could be found in the Middle-East, but the sellers charged a very high expense for them. This brought the Europeans to establish a sea-route to the Far East, so they could directly buy from China & India. English explorers hoped to find a route by sailing north-west and in the process, they discovered new lands; Newfoundland,  Greenland, Canada.)