Mana & Imani's Westward Expansion Project

Journal Entries

Mana's Entry Day 1

Dear Diary,                                                                                                        Nov. 30th 1848                                                                                                                                                                                     Today my mama said we are moving west. I have to pack but I can't bring all my stuff. My mama let me take my special blanket and my teddy bear. I will miss our home. I love the beautiful house but we must leave it. Mama said that papa will make our new house for us. Papa said we can help him build our new home. I like watching papa build our covered wagon. I hope we can make our dream house like we have always wanted to.Mama also told me that we will live on a farm with lots of land so we can own grow a lot of food. I will choose wisely about taking my things. I will miss Tennesee, hopefully Nevada will be just like home.

Imani's Entry Day 1

Dear Diary,                                                                                                     Nov. 3oth 1848

  Today is a cold day, we are in are small house and I am waiting for papa. Papa was a slave once but he was set free. When papa came back he told us to pack. He said we were going to move west. I quickly got stuff out of my room. When I got outside there was a covered wagon waiting for us. I wondered why we were moving west. The wagon was filled with food and water. I sat down and waited for mama to come. She came in with a brush and sat down with me. She gently started brushing my hair, while the wagon started moving. The wagon stopped, and I heard gun shots. I hope this will be a good trip.

Mana's Entry Day 2                                                                                  

Dear Diary,                                                                                                   Nov. 31st 1848

  Mama and Papa said that they were helping the country by moving. My friend Sally is traveling with us. I also met a girl that is my age, and her name is Addy. There are only 2 or 3 wagons that have children my age in them. I can't wait to see what gold looks like. Mama and Papa said that the gold will make us rich. Mama also said that we have to work for the gold to get it. I never seen any gold in my life. Maybe I could work on the farm. Right now I am shivering. I invited Sally and Addy on my wagon. We are all cuddled up in blankets to keep us warm. Addy, Sally, and me are telling stories of who we are and what we have experienced  in our life. This is an exercise that will help us get to know each other better. Maybe if I work hard enough I can own my own horse. Mama said she would teach me how to sew, so I can make my own blankets. I just hope we survive this winter.

Imani's Entry Day 2

Dear Diary,                                                                                                      Nov. 31st 1848                                                                                                                                                                                           It is cold outside and I am not cuddled up with Sally and Caroline. Supper is almost ready and I am waiting. After supper I will go to sleep, because I am very tired. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, and I have work to do. Supper is ready and  everybody sat down. Before supper everyone said a prayer. We all hope we get home safely. I am starving and after 5 minutes I am already done. I get up and get the bucket of water. I then wash my face, letting the cold water run down my face. I then change into clean cloths. Mama is asking for me to help clean up after supper, so I help her and keep her company. Thomas my little brother is running all around the place. Mama is brushing my hair. I wanted to ask her what were the gunshots for, but that would cause madness. Mama gently brushes and brushes until I gently my eyes feel like closing. Mama puts a blanket on me, I feel warm inside.

Mana's Entry Day 3                                                                                           

Dear Diary,                                                                                                        Nov. 32nd 1848

    Me, Sally, and Addy are having a hard time keeping warm. Papa said we can have a furnace when we get to our new house. One of the family's father has caught frostbite. There seems to be lots of people suffering from the cold. Me, Addy, and Sally were talking a while ago about how people could survive frostbite. We did not succeed of finding a cure. So far my family has not caught frostbite, I think that is a miracle. I'm very worried about Sally, she said she's not feeling good. I don't know if we can survive.

Imani's Entry Day 3

Dear Diary,                                                                                                   Nov. 32nd 1848

   I start feeling a little bit dazed. My head hurts from all the vomiting people do outside the wagon. Thomas has caught frostbite, and I'm afraid he will soon die. I feel like this was a bad thing to decide. Sally is sick and me and Caroline are worried about her. I just want to get to Nevada. I'm thinking about writing a song to sing to Mama, Papa, Diana, and Thomas. A few hours past and Thomas has been crying. I hold him in my lap. He tells me he loves me and hopes I will have a great future. He then slowly closes his eyes. I check his pulse and knew that he was dead. I cried, and cried. Now I know what to write the song about, the hardships moving west, I'll call it West Hardships. Mama seems to be sad about Thomas dying, so does Papa. Diana cried with me. I want to start writing the song kind of like a humming tune. I hope we survive.

Old Fashion Recipes

Snow Ice Cream

Recipe makes 8 servings

. 1 gallon of snow

. I tablespoon

. 1 cup of white sugar