Singapore is one of the most well-known havens for shopping addicts in Asia. Aside from bags, shoes and make-up, the country also enjoys a reputation for offering great, affordable deals on electronics. If you’re looking to buy quality electronics products and accessories, from board to board connectors to a brand new backplane connector, Singapore has got you covered.

Curious what most Singaporeans go for in the consumer electronics market? Here’s a list to help you out:

1. Laptops

Laptops, along with desktop units, remain on the list. With so many consumers switching to smartphones for checking their email or shopping online, it’s nice to see that people still need laptops and desk units in their lives. Why is that? For many freelancers working from home, a stable Internet connection and a laptop or computer are the two main things that allow them to work from anywhere in the world. In many offices, desktops, too,remain the go-to choice.


While most people say that the smartphone—again—is one reason why cameras might become obsolete in the near future, thankfully, that future is still years and years away. Right now, dedicated devices like these still function better in the long run than a device that has a ton of features. Also, there’s less chance of the unit getting lost or damaged because unlike personal phones that you carry everywhere, every day, you usually only bring cameras along when you need one.

3. Headsets

After sorting out the trouble with Bose, Apple has now launched its line of Beats headsets. Sure to be another must-have for Apple fans, along with this year’s iPhone 6, the headsets give consumes amazing sound experience, the Apple way.

4. Gaming consoles

With so many games hitting the market for the holidays, gamers are now counting the days till Christmas. From classic favourites to new and highly-anticipated titles, it would be a long time before gaming consoles fall out of favour from the gaming crowd.

5. Mobile smartphones

This is popular among shoppers. After all, most people already use a smartphone for a lot of things, from checking emails to shopping online. There’s also e-banking and customers who watch their favourite shows on the device. Some consumers, too, use it to play video games while in transit and some use it for music. Smartphones are loaded with so many features these days it wouldn’t really be too far out to imagine that companies would one day develop a phone that allows you to surf, text and call, and make you a cup of coffee.

We hope you got a good idea on the many kinds of electronic goods you could buy in Singapore. To avoid the crowds, better get the rest of your holiday list ready so you can start your shopping early!