Propaganda Poster, Dylan

Testimonial and Band wagon

"I will work harder." said by Boxer

This catch phrase makes animals in the farm work harder and keep working because they know that boxer is a very loyal animal to everyone.  If Boxer says it and thinks it, then it must be true and they have to follow what he says.  The animals appreciatly believe in him.  If Boxer says it, everybody goes with it.

Another kind of propaganda is ad hominem, and fear.  When Napolean had his dogs chase off Snowball because they weren't getting anywhere in the voting meeting, it was described as ad hominem because Napolean attacked Snowball rather than his plans ideas, after Napolean urinated on Snowballs papers for the building of the windmill.  Napolean aslo killed animals on the farm if they had done work with snowball, so other animals who haven't seen snwball would know what could happen to them.. napolean wanted everybody to follow him do as he say, so by putting death on the scene, he put fear in the animls to never do as snowball say.