My Holidays

What did you do?

The most exciting thing happened on the holidays..... My baby sister turned 1 and was baptized on her birthday see this is her cake. The cake was life changing, it was so colourful on the inside, and tasted great.

Can you see my baby sister? She got heaps of presents for her birthday, and baptism. She was baptised at St. Andrews church, Fr. Abraham was the priest that baptised my sister, I don't think my baby sister was very happy.

My Birthday

For mine and my sister Meera's  birthday (just letting you know our birthday is on the same day) we went to crown casino. We played Laser Tag, For some reason my sister Meera is the best a it and won all the games we played.

My Cultural Heritage

The first picture has Joseph, Mary and Jesus, the second picture is a god which Indians believe in, and the third one has chopsticks because Singapore is multicultural.

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