Five Nights At Freddy's

The Scariest (GAME) job ever if you have night watch (you can't pick)

Imagine you get a job just like chuck.e.cheese's.It's Scary if you have night watch.And you have a %90 chance that you will die.

Listen to this mean while or if you want to be scared and you are feeling sassy listen to the one below this one.

This is Chica (up) this is Freddy (down)


They make good pizza but if you try that pizza it might be your last.If you get lucky or unlucky you might get visited by the golden freddy costume.That can crash your game.

During day its a place of of joy but your not there during the night. Foxy was suppose to do tricks for children but something wrong happened. Plus Foxy is a pirate.

Check ihascupquake play this game it's hilarious.

So yeah guys remember to follow its CoolCris once again peace chicken grease.;)

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3 years ago

awesome! I love ihascupquake! she is amazing! :)

3 years ago
3 years ago

make sure to see my theories i am not quite done but i only wrote a couple of theories so far