It was true love from the beginning because they both sacrifice their lives for each other. They do not question their love This leads to believe their love is real. By presenting opposing views of their love.

Romeo and Juliet is a romantic love story about what true love brings, and sacrifices
between the both.Romeo and Juliet meet and fell instantly in love at a masked ball of the Capulets, and then professed their love toward each other. But Romeo finds out that Juliet is a capulet, the consequences to that is Romeo and Juliet cannot involve marriage between the both. That forces Romeo and Juliet to have to marry secretly and privately. Romeo had visit Juliet and talked and agreed on creating marriage between them two. They made a long lasting commitment to being together always and forever. Romeo and Juliet had the mine setting that nobody will stand in their way or hold them back from getting married.
Mercutio Escalus
Verona- Mercutio Escalus was the son of Verona’s Prince and best friends with Romeo Montague. Mercutio was killed in a sword fight between him and Tybalt Capulet two days ago. Mercutio was rash and aggressive and he was always poking fun at people but he was a great person and friend. Mercutio died protecting one of his friends, Romeo, Montague. Romeo got in between Mercutio and Tybalt while they were fighting, but that did not stop Tybalt from driving his sword through Mercutio’s side. Mercutio is survived by Prince Escalus. Services will be held on Thursday followed by a burial.
Romeo Montague
Verona- Romeo Montague was a young aristocrat who died at the age of 17 who died early yesterday morning. He was married to Juliet Capulet. Romeo was a very emotional passionate young man who would do anything for love and after discovering the death of his Juliet, the young man took his own life with a vial of poison. He is survived by his cousin Benvolio Montague, and his father Lord Montague. Romeo was the heir to the Montague family. Shortly after hearing of his death his mother, Lady Montague, died of grief. Services will be held next Tuesday with a burial following.
Juliet Capulet
Verona- Juliet Capulet was pronounced dead Thursday morning by Friar Lawrence. Juliet was married to Romeo Montague. Juliet killed her self to get out of an arranged marriage with Count Paris. Juliet is survived by her parents Lord and Lady Capulet. Services were held Thursday afternoon and she was buried in the Capulet’s tomb. The next morning she was found in the tomb with a knife wound in her side with a dead Romeo and Paris also in the tomb. Juliet was known all around Verona for her great beauty that could capture any man’s heart. Even though she betrayed her family, her death stopped the endless feud from the Montague and the Capulet families.
Tybalt Capulet
Verona- Tybalt Capulet, cousin of Juliet Capulet, was killed two days ago by Romeo Montague after he killed Mercutio Escalus. Tybalt is survived by his uncle and aunt Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet. Tybalt was aggressive and was always looking for a fight. Tybalt took a lot a pride in the name Capulet and hated every Montague, which lead to his death. He was a beloved member of the Capulet family, but his willingness to fight caused his death. Services were held on Tuesday. He was bestowed the Almost Best Sword Fighter award. His fiery passion will live on in the hearts of the Veronians.

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