All About Derrick Rose

The reson I wanted to do this is because I love basket ball and the bulls enjoy  :-)

He was on the varsity team in high school then he took his next step and played in the United Center and made the crowd go to there feet by making seven dunks in one game!!. Then made the winning basket in the last 5secs!!. Her is some facts about him  he is 6 foot 1 inch his middle name is Martell he plays for the bulls in the NBA He was born in October 4 1988.

In the last three NBA seasons, Derrick Rose has developed a full set of offensive weapons. He attacks the rim with gravity, but he can also stop-and-pop mid-range jumpers like any other amazing Basket Ball player he can hit amazing 3-pointers. His leaping makes him equally effective on either corner the of a alley-oop. The more pressure on Derrick Rose to score, the better he is at making and creating shots. Also on many of his drives, he leaves defenders wondering why their scratching their heads. Then is next step was to go to the Bulls and he headed into a great start right to the playoffs as the East’s top speed with a 62–20 record. By Josh :-)

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