Day 158 - May 26, 2015

Today, we

1. Wrote 1526 -- The G Bay Description.

Read the Prompt.

Submit it here.

2. Submitted 1525 -- the Chipotle Essay. Everyone submits here. If you are entering the contest, also submit here, and write me a check for $19, 950 dollars.

3.  Write a fairytale for Jack with the following requirements.  

                                      1575 - Name - Jacks Story

Fairytale motifs: royalty, a moral, talking animals

Geography units (choose one, include information about list)

              Australia - Great Barrier Reef, at least one Australian animal (platypus,                                          kangaroo, koala, crocodile), Sydney Opera House,                                                        Aborigine, Antarctic Treaty

             North America - Tornado Alley, Rust Belt, Hurricanes, Canadian Shield,                                                   Quebec


Tomorrow - book club books and post - it work.