Chapter 5 Review

This is reminds me of Cole's secret weapon.

A Child Call "It"

This book tells the story of a kid getting hit and not getting that much food because of his mom he tells the kid that he has to make food and then when everyone is done he just get left overs from his family.Thesis kids shouldn't get hit . Dave was washing the dishes, hoping he could get done quick enough to avoid his mother's rage and to have the opportunity to eat some breakfast. Although he does not do the former, Dave was allowed the leftovers of his brother's cereal. Mother drove Dave to school today, although she normally forced him to run. At school, Dave was called to the nurse's office so she could inventory his injuries, a routine they have carried on for quite some time. This time was different, however. This time, the nurse called in the principal. Very soon, Dave found himself being rescued.

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