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Robert Stephenson

Robert Stephenson(1803-1859) Civil Engineer, Britannia Bridge, Lighthouses etc.
Place of birth: Willington Quay, United Kingdom​

Life span: 56 years

Invention or skill: He invented the railroad locomotive. When he was 19 years old, he began his invention while working for his father. Then, he became an affiliate of the Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society.

Length of education: His father had received only little formal education, so that he hoped Robert could have a better education. Robert started to read a lot of books and learn to read technical drawings already when he was young. His father also studied with him in order to improve his understanding of science. After his education at the Bruce Academy, he served an apprenticeship to Nicholas Wood. Then he met George Parker Bidder at the University of Edinburgh and studied 6 months. He had minimal education compared to today's engineers. However, he is proved to be an excellent engineer.

The son of George Stephenson, Robert is always one of the best British engineers. He was responsible for building the Rocket steam locomotive and the Rainhill Trials in October 1829 was very successful.

He have designed many bridges such as the High level Bridge at Newcastle upon Tyne (1849), the Britannia tubular bridge over the Menai Straits in Wales (1850), and the Royal Boarder Bridge at Berwick upon Tweed (1850). In addition, he became Member of Parliament for Whitby in 1847.


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