The Brazilian economy is the 7th largest of the world, its economy is also the largest in Latin America. Its economy has been called " desperately weak " by a lot of the median for the past years.But it is currently on the rise , more jobs are being presented to many Brazilians increasing the economy .The economy is continuously growing and expanding. But there are also some flaws in the Brazilian economy like dept, and the unemployment  is 9.6. 


Brazil's rainforest is home to over to more than 56,000 species of plants, 1,700 species of birds, 695 amphibians, 578 mammals, and 651 reptiles and also has the amazon river running through it. The amazon rainforest covers a lot of Brazil , and is the largest rainforest in the world. The rain forest along with the amazon river is very important to most of Brazil's population for lots of reasons some which are the fact that they get food such as fruits , water from the river and the forest offers lots of jobs. But the forest decreases in size every year due to many reasons such as cattle ranching , space for homes , need for wood , etc.


Brazil has lots of types of food.many of wich comes from the rain forest,its food along with the biodiversity attrackts many tourists.The food varies from roasted bananas to roasted shrip .

Culture and religion

Brazil has a lot of religons but the largest percentage of religon is Catholicism. Allso brazil is known for its high precantage of people who practice "black magic".Its bright and rare mix of religons is one of the many reasons why tourist come to Brazil. A very popular activity that touris do while at brazil is having they're palm read so they "can know the future" . And soccer is a very popular sport and is concidered a very large part of the Brazilian culture . Being known allso for the Brazil World Cup.


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