Ancient Japan
By: Regan Kliethermes

Do you know anything about ancient Japan?

Their fashion style was very different than anything else. Japanese believed thatbeauty began with their appearances. Especially the nobles! The women's outfits were very very elaborate. The women's long gowns were made with 12 layers of colored silk. Also, they used decorative fans that were painted very beautifully for the women to use and carry around. Isn't that cool?

What about Japanese literature? Ever wondered where the first novel came from? or the some of the first poems? Right here in ancient Japan! Writing was very popular among the nobles, but mostly women. The diaries of women were so beautiful and savored it  til today. For example, one of the greatest Japanese writers was Lady Mursaki Shikibu. Many historians believe her book "The Tale of Genji" was the first full length novel.

Architecture of Japan was astonishing. Very very beautiful of all kinds. Nobles worked to make their city like this. Most ideas of Japanese building came from China who was greatly admired by Japan. Also, temples came from examples of China. Buildings were made from sodden frames, thatched roofs, tiled roofs, or large, open spaces inside. The outsides were themed with elegant gardens and ponds. This is much like how Japan today is.

Just look at Japan. What do you see? You see the outside but if you look at what Japan has accomplished in the visual arts you would be completely astonished. Japan had very popular paintings and calligraphy. Their painting told stories are we're not regular paintings we are used to seeing today. They used bold colors and created wonderful acts of nature or court life. Calligraphers were also very popular and well used in Ancient Japan. They spent hours copying poems to make them as beautiful as they sounded. This was well believed by the Japanese.

Last but certainly not least was the Japanese performing arts. Many performances today in Japan can be traced back to thus time period. The most popular ways of performing arts was watching musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. The very popular acts were plays in which actors skillfully mimicked other people. The thing called "Noh" was invented in the 1300's and became very popular very soon. Noh combines music, speaking, and dance. These plays often tell about the great heroes or figures from Japan's past.  

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