My Least Favorite Decade, 1910!

They wore a lot of dresses with weird shoes. I just think that it looks uncomfortable and I would never wear it unless I really had to!

They had really puffy hair back in 1910 and I don't think I could ever do that with my hair, unless I had a bunch of hair spray!

They had really old cars back then and they weren't very big! But I think it would be kind of cool to ride in one to see what they drove in the 1910's!

In 1910, they had really old toys that I wouldn't want to play with just because they wouldn't be very fun! But, they would be very cool to have a collection of them and they would be very valuable at some point and sell them for a lot of money!

In 1910, they wore these kind of shoes! I think that they would hurt my feet so much, that I wouldn't be able to walk after I wore them for a couple of days!