Dickens' Dictionary

Word: Canonize
Definition: Declaring a dead person to be a Saint
Sentence: At the funeral, Maggie's grandmother was canonized.

Word: Malice
Definition: The intention or desire to do evil
Sentence: The prisoner's malice started from a young age.

Word: Affidavit
Definition: A written statement confirmed by oath
Sentence: The witness's affidavit confirmed the judge's beliefs.

Word: Consecrated
Definition: Make or declare something sacred
Sentence: The church next to the new museum was consecrated in 1640.

Word: Furtively
Definition: Stealth, attempting to avoid attention, secretive
Sentence: The robber furtively took the lady's purse.

Word: Diffidence
Definition: Shyness from a lack of self-confidence
Sentence: The girl's diffidence separated her from her classmates.

Word: Malady
Definition: A disease or ailment
Sentence: As a result of the malady, the man lost his eyesight.

Word: Sanction
Definition: Official permission or approval for an action
Sentence: Before the wedding, the father of the bride gave his sanction to the groom.

Word: Illustrious
Definition: Well known, respected
Sentence: The illustrious country was idolized by the others for its strength and knowledge.

Word: Mutinous
Definition: Refusing to obey the orders of a person in authority
Sentence: The mutinous group started a revolution.

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