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  1. This blog will deal with all sorts of ideas for diy
  2. All the people who do not know what is diy : diy this small project aims to create beautiful things without spending a lot of money

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9 months ago

DIY doesn't mean "small projects you can do for cheap" at all. It's an ACRONYM (each letter is 1st letter of a word - eg USA) (eg means "as an example" and is a abbreviated Latin word used commonly in written English). DIY stands for Do It Yourself. There is an underlying assumption that DIYing anything makes it less expensive; the accuracy of this assumption varies wildly - but in general, if you have specialized skills/tools/knowledge/materials that you can use on an individual project that you can use either to do or create something that's difficult for the average person, like you know how to sew or you know how tolay tile or flooring, then the project will cost FAR less because all you need to purchase are the raw materials. But if you don't have a sewing machine and all the basic things you need to measure, cut, and mark fabric as well as buy all the fabric for a prject, then making custom drapery is gonna cost a helluva lot more if you just bought some at Target. And if you know how to lay tile, you could easily save thousands of dollars on your kitchen or bathroom remodel, however, it's also going to take you hours of labor and probably won't be finished in a day - or a week - and you gotta ask yourself if the juice is worth the squeeze. Where you got the idea of DIY being small projects I have no idea; the original DIY movement was based around BIG stuff - like a commune sets out on 50 acres of land and decides they're going to be growing their own food, harvesting it, and preserving it - that's some BIG time and energy investments as well as specialized skills and knowledge. What I think you are referring to? It's called Arts & Crafts 101, which is a different sort of vibe: DIY is doing for yourself what the average person needs to payI've DIY'd a new roof, my BFF's color correction when she wanted to go light reddish blond but came out bright neon pink, and I've DIY'd a startup wholesale discount travel agency. . . as well as DIY'ing decorative throw pillows (pretty small), phoyo coasters (snaller still) Perhaps your education should be a little less DIY and a little more GTS - Go To School.