Skeleton Creek By Patrick Carman

by Dauntay A.

In my opinion skeleton creek was a really good book. Some videos were really creepy and some were not. But it was a really good book. Some details about it is that there are these two main people. One of them is named ryan the other sarah. Sarah is the one who makes the videos. But ryan he is the one who writes books.

This is Sarah she is the one who goes on all of the adventures mainly sometimes not. She is a blogger, she snoops for her spare time. A character trait i would give her is determined. Remember she is the one who makes the videos. If you are wondering Sarah's last name is Fincher.

This ryan the one who writes books. Ryan is scared because of this guy and he is living in skeleton creek. He is a writer and he doesn't do much unless sarah is involved. A character trait i would give him is dependable.

This is Sarah and Ryan they both make a lot of trouble. That is part of the reason why both of there parents dont like them to see each other. Like i said ryan broke his leg the first time Ryan and Sarah went on an adventure together. That was a big disaster.

This is that guy i was talking about he is the ghost. Now from looking at him you would say right away that guy is creepy! I dont know much about him all i know he is somehow hunting sarah and ryan. That is one of the conflicts there in but another one is that ryan and sarah are not aloud to see each other. So they have to sneak out to see each other.

This is the dredge  this is the part of town where Sarah and Ryan live. that part of town is creepy! Thats what i have to say about the dredge. This is also where the ghost lives too and in that.

This is the author of skeleton creek. I could not find any info about the authors life. besides his opinion about the book.

Out of all of this some major events is that there trying to hide from the ghost that is hunting them. But at the same time there trying to hunt him for lots of things. Another one is that ryan and sarah are trying to figure out some different ways they can see eachother. One last one is that they are trying to escape the ghost because the ghost is trying to kill them basicly.

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