By: Jack London
Published 1908

What lesson might be learned from reading this story? Support your ideas by using details from the selection.

One lesson that I have learned from reading this story is to listen to anyone that tells me how cold it will get in that country. For example "That man from Sulphur Creek had spoken the truth when telling how cold it sometimes got in the country." In the story the men kept on saying that it was really cold or it was cold. That means the man in that story didn't listen to the men from Sulphur Creek. He didn't know how cold it would get if anyone goes to the Yukon. If he did listened to the men from the Sulphur Creel then he would of put more layers on then before or wouldn't go exploring in the Yukon. Another example "He strode up and down, stamping his feet and threshing his arms, until reassured by the returning warmth." If the men had listen to the men from Sulphur Creek then he wouldn't be stamping up and down his feet and threshing his arms to get  his warmth back.

Another lesson that I have learned from reading this story is to bring a trail-mate along with you just in case something bad happens. For example "If he had only had a trail-mate he would have been in no danger now." If the men had bring a trail-mate along then he would be perfectly fine because his nose, cheek bones, and toes wouldn't be frosted at all. Another example is "The trail-mate could have built the fire." If the men would of listen and brought a trail-mate along, the trail-mate would do what ever it takes to take care of the men that's in danger or in bad heath condition.

Answered By: Johanna C.

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