Ancient Egypt

Michael Morris


Northern Egypt has low valleys that are near the Nile river and the desert that are to the east and west. The Nile River is the longest river in the world and its located in northwest Africa and flows through many different African countries and Egypt. Ancient Egypt was divided in two regions. Egypt and lower Egypt. It has small trees and bushes and it is very dry. The deserts protected Egyptians from invaders. The Egyptians lived in a dry climate with rick soil thanks to the Nile River. Egypt has a very warm climate. Also, the climate is the desert.

System of Government

Egypt was ruled by Pharaohs. The Pharaohs owned everything and were in charge of everything. Pharaohs had right hand men called Viziers. Everyone reported to the official of all them. The tap officials reported to the Vizier. The Vizier talked to the pharaoh everyday about what was going on in Egypt. This system of government worked well in Egypt for hundreds and hundreds of years. the largest of the three stone pyramids of Giza was built for the Pharaoh Khufu. Hatshepsut wasn't an Egyptian princess who became queen of Egypt. Also, she was the first female for the Egyptian Pharaoh. She was very powerful and intelligent. She named herself Pharaoh and ruled Egypt. Ramses II grew up in the royal court of Egypt. Also, he had 90 wives and 100 children in his life. He became prince of Egypt when he was fifteen years old. He lead the Egyptian army against several enemies, but his most famous battle was The Battle Of Kadesh. Ramses II became Pharaoh of Egypt at the age of twenty five. Often called Ramses The Great, he was the ruler of Egypt for 67 years. He is famous for building more statues and monuments than any other Pharaoh. The Pharaoh Senusret was a strong leader who kept Egypt together. Senusret was famous for building and making better temples, shrines, and religious monuments. The most famous building he created was The White Chapel. Some people thought that the chapel was made with a thin layer of gold. The Pharaoh made very simple laws when he ruled Egypt.

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