Natural Fibers

cotton, wool, flax, and silk

Cotton is a the soft, white, downy fiber (boll) attached to the seed of a cotton plant.This is mostly used for widely used of all natural fibers, cotton is grown Southern U.S. and is grown in warmer climates.The characteristics is the strong and durable absorbent to cool wear, cotton shrinks easily when it in hot water.The proper care for cotton is machine wash, tumble dry at moderate temperature and, press with warm hot iron. The common uses of cotton is underwear,socks, shirts, blouses,jeans,towels, sheets.

Wool is the fiber that forms the coat (fleece) of sheep,the primary sources are usually Australia,South America and also the United Kingdom.The characteristic of wool is Natural insulator; warmest of all natural fiber, the other characteristic soft and resilient, the wool can be very flammable because its very thin and it very flammable retardant wool can absorb water very slowly than cotton.Did you know the common uses of wool is sweaters, coats, blankets, rugs, and, carpet. The proper uses of wool is dry clean, or hand wash.

Flax is the fiber that comes from the stem of a flax plant.Flax is usually grown in Eastern Europe. The common uses of Flax is pants,Blazers,table linens, etc.Characteristics of flax is durable and strong, flax is also very comfortable and is also very cool to wear.The proper care is to hand wash or dry clean because it can ruined by other thing you wash with.

Silk The fine, lustrous fiber that comes from a cocoon spun by a silkworm.this is primarily produce in Asia,(Thailand,China,Indian), and also Madagascar.The characteristics of silks is luxurious appearance and feel, drapes nicley

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