By: Brooks Empey

How it forms

  1. You need to have a storm cell that is powerful enough or a super cell. A super cell is in a powerful storm that where a tornado can form. With some hot and cooler air combine together.
  2. You need to have more powerful upper atmosphere winds and then the ground winds.
  3. The wind in the cloud starts to roll in a spiral.
  4. Warm winds come in and make the spiral up and down which makes an updraft.
  5. The tornado touches the ground also known as a touchdown.

Historical Examples

The Tri state tornado

  • Killed 695 people injured 2027 people
  • Traveled 300 miles through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana
  • March 18th 1925
  • Winds up to 260 MPH  

The Joplin Missouri.

  • Killed 158 people 1,000 people injured
  • Traveled 22 miles
  • May 22nd 2011
  • Winds up to 200 MPH

The Tri state one was more deadly because there was no way to tell the people there was a tornado was coming. Also that the Tri state tornado traveled for 300 miles

Human impacts on life

People can see that a tornado is coming and that there are sirens from the weather channel. You can go to the basement and they can build better structures. For example: If you were in a trailer that is not a good place to be because it is not grounded to the ground and the strong winds can pick you up. If the tornado is coming towards you can tuck and cover next to a safe wall.

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