It isn't ironic that Iron is amazing~ :3

Why IRON?!

                                           WHAT'S IRON?
Iron (Also known as FE, or Ferrum) is the most common element on planet earth. It forms most of the earth, including the inner core, so why not bring some to the desolate planet to remind you of your home, planet EARTH!

                                     SOME PROPERTIES!
Iron is number 26 on the Periodic Table of Elements, and is in group 8 period 4.  It is a transition metal. It's melting point is 2,800°F~

                               USES FOR THIS ELEMENT!
This element will help you with many things, like manufacturing daily needs, like pots and pans, to creating a good defense system to keep out strange creatures... who knows what lives on that desolate planet..?

                     WHY DO YOU NEED THIS ELEMENT?
You need this element for many reasons. First, you have to build things out of iron, because it's strong, and you can't do daily things without it. Without iron, you wouldn't be able to make strong pots and pans for cooking, or able to create strong gates to keep out dangerous things. Second, you need Iron to live. Iron is an important thing that you absolutely need in order to live. Without it, hemoglobin wouldn't be able to function properly and you will die. This includes egg yolks, red meat, dried fruit, and many more.

                          RANK EM
You have to have iron in your body to live.
You can trade iron for other goods.
You need to build things out of iron.
You can keep things out with iron, (make a fence, etc.)

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