Christopher Columbus

The greatest explorer ever

Background Info

  1. Christopher Columbus was born in October, 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, Italy.
  2. He had two brothers and his father was a weaver.
  3. His first voyage was when he was fourteen and he sailed into the Atlantic Ocean in the year 1476 and participated in many trading voyages after.
  4. Columbus married in 1479 and after having a son, his wife, Dona Felipa, died soon after.
  5. He believed the world was round and tried forever to prove his point.
  6. His name wasn't even Christopher Columbus! Columbus was Jewish and changed his name so people wouldn't know.
  7. Died May 20, 1506.


  1. Christopher was the first person to establish a connection between Europeans and the Americas.
  2. His first voyage he found Puerto Rico and Navidad on November 27-28
  3. His second voyage he found South America, and Jamaica
  4. His fourth and final voyage Columbus found Guanaja Island, and Honduras in Central America

Impact on World

Christopher Columbus had a huge impact on the world because:

  1. He discovered lots of new, different places in the world
  2. He established pacts with the Americas so that they could trade for a bunch of different things such as a bunch of new foods and different spices and valuable items

More Photos

This photo shows when Christopher Columbus landed in the New World

These are what the ships looked like that Christopher Columbus took with him

This is a painting, or portrait of what Christopher Columbus looked like

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