By: Izze Curtis
Diane Von Fürstenburg

Diane von Furstenburg -- formerly known as Princess Diane of Furstenburg when she married into the German princely House of Furstenburg-- was born December 31, 1946 in Brussels, Belgium to Liliane Nahmias who was greek-born and a survivor of Auschwitz  and Leon Halfin, a Romanian-born who immigrated to Belgium.

Diane von Furstenburg left to Italy were she apprenticed to Angelo Ferretti who taught her about color and fabric. There she designed and produced her first iconic wrap dress for the working women.

In 1975, 15,000 wrap dresses were being produced a week. Expanding her business she added jewellery, furs, sunglasses, shoes, a cosmetic line and in 1975 her first fragrance named after her daughter, Tatiana. Diane von Fürstenburg is one of the world's most successful fashion designers and her business -- DvF-- is still very popular today, with dresses costing from $100-$500. It is said that Diane von Furstenburg was more sell-able then Coco Chanel.

1970's-1980's FASHION


Accessories from the 70's were big and bold and exciting, lots of colors and crazy patterns. Peace beads and what was considered the "hippie look" was very popular, along with crazy glasses that covered half the face.

Hair ItIs

Hair. It practically made the 1970's, and the most popular hairdos were afros, or having feathered waves. Long hair was also totally in, even for the guys and as with almost everything in the 70's, it was big!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Heels for everyone! Both men and women wore high heels and the funkier the better. Over-sized chunky heels in wild patterns, some that are still seen today

Swim, Swim, Swimwear

The swim wear was virtually the same, the only obvious differences are that the swim trunks for men tended to be shorter (quite a bit shorter) and for women, the bikinis were more covering and the one-piece swimsuit was very popular. The swim suites were made in bright colors, floral and elaborate designs.

Popular Clothing

Bell Bottoms, crazy patterns, bright colors. All the 70's clothing had it. This is the age were men dressed like women and women like men, one day a women could wear a wrap around dress and the next day a short skirt.


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