Mathson Squad (Gon' Give it to Ya)
Helpful Links & Reminders

Hey team! This is the page where you can find our most referenced documents. Hope this is helpful! If you would like any of this edited, please contact Justher. Thanks. 2+2 :)



  • SIPs Tuesday every two weeks @ 10am
  • LPs every Wednesday by COB

Coordinator/Team Roles

  • Data: Lawrence & Monica
  • A-Team: John Henry & Niysha
  • Corps Council: Ally & Justher
  • Newsletter (Parent Engagement): Evey (+additional ACMs)

Self Care

Justher, Ernie, & Evey have expressed an interest in checking in with folks if needed. Please approach these individuals if you're needing extra support in your wellbeing, in addition to your PM & TL!