Images of God


God is a teacher, who helps to guide us.

For me, teachers are like God in disguise. They help you plan your future, they give you everything they have, because nothing would make them happier than to see you on the right path. God is the same way,we pray to him for guidance, and he gives it to us. Sometimes it might not be in the best or recommended way, but he does help. Teachers nurcher us until we are ready and then we set off to venture into our new lives, but that does not mean we cannot go back if we fall off. God will always be there to give you guidance or a sign to show us where we should be or what our next move will be. Sometimes it is really hard to figure it out once you get stuck. It is not something to be ashamed of because everyone has experienced it before. Teachers are known to help, God is known to help.

Those who are wise,

are often thought to be older.

In some ways, that can be true.

Teachers, leaders, guiders,

whatever you like to

call them; they are helpers

of God.

Pray for them, and hope for

the best; for these jobs are never easy.


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