Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty's weapons helped them expand their area.

Most of their weapons are swords and crossbows were made out of iron.

Han Dynasty was an important era for the development of iron and steel weapon in ancient Chinese history. During the reign of emperor Wendi and Jingdi, the social economy developed very fast, especially metallurgical industry, the steel and iron weapon began to replace bronze one bit by bit.

It was used as an attack and pursuit vehicle on the open fields and plains of Ancient China from around 1200 BCE.

When we think of war chariots we tend to think of ancient kingdoms, such as the Sumerians, Hittites and particularly the Egyptians. After all, the most famous chariot battle, that of Kadesh, was fought between Egyptians and Hittites around 1300 BC. But chariots were also used as far east as ancient China. They were regarded as a symbol of status due to the cost of procuring and maintaining them. These ancient war chariots are sometimes considered the "tank" of the day, despite its relative frailty.

Han farmers were expected to grow enough food to feed their families and to help stock the shared granaries, or grain storehouses

farmers had to make their own clothing, build their own homes, and give one month of unpaid labor to the government for building projects

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