Name: Kayleigh SkaggsInstrument: ClarinetEducation: Mr. James Patterson at Queens Lake Middle School & Mrs. Cara Townsend at Bruton High SchoolAbout me: I am 16 years old and sophomore at Bruton High School. I have been playing the clarinet for 5 years starting at 6th grade with Mr. James Patterson. This is the only instrument I know how to play, but hopefully in the future I can learn how to play the Bass clarinet. I’ve played in concert band, marching band and now I am in Indoor drumline. When I started out in 6th grade, I tried out for the flute, trumpet and clarinet. Mr. Patterson refused to put me on any other instrument other than the clarinet so I’ve been playing the clarinet ever since. I love playing the clarinet; it’s a beautiful instrument. Though the music we have received is hard, with the help of others I have been able to expand my knowledge. As of now, I am tutoring to help with the clarinet and I am playing both 1st and 2nd parts in music. Other than playing the clarinet, I participate in sports. I have been playing basketball for 8 years and softball for 7 years. Last year, I played in our Varsity Softball team as 2nd string center field and first string pinch runner. While playing sports, I was managing concert band as well.Expectations: I don’t have extremely big expectations, but I would like my student to be able to know all scales (6th grade, 6 scales, 7th grade 6 scales at least two octaves and 8th grade, 12 scales at least 2 octaves). As well as being able to count rhythms and note value (Level of difficulty with determined by grade level). Also, being able to sight read any level of music would be amazing!
I am so excited to be helping you! I hope I can help you in the future!

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