by: Amonyka

After you finished this you will know anything and everything about pandas!

What is your favorite animal? Is it black and white.....OF COURSE IT IS, A GIANT PANDA! Giant Pandas are very interesting, from their cubs, to their food. In my paper I will talk about their menu, their schedule, and their homes!

Munching Mammals!

Guess what a Giant Pandas favorite food is ........ BAMBOO! Giant Pandas love, love, love bamboo! They like new grown bamboo because it is softer. They are supposed to have the digestive system of a carnivore and can not stand the craving of fish and small dead animals occasionally. All of the food they eat helps their strong as an axe teeth. In zoo's, giant pandas eat sugar cane, apples, carrots and of course plenty of bamboo.

Let Me Check My Schedule

How do you start your day? Do you start your day with a healthy bamboo breakfast, then go home and take your daily 4 hour naps ? Giant Pandas do , which takes up most of their day .

Home Sweet Home

Pandas have homes just like humans but theirs are getting torn down. People are working very hard to PROTECT the Pandas, like at the Wolong Nature Reserve in China.

this is some of the cubs in the nursery

So now I hope that you understand that giant pandas are very interesting animals but can not be safe in their habitat. So now go tell the world the story of giant pandas!

Did you know??

*Pandas have thumbs which help them hold bamboo

*There are 2 kinds of pandas, the Red Panda and the Giant Panda