France has a wide range of geographic features. Such as the mountains, beaches, valleys, etc. These different landforms effect the lives of people living in France, say you live in the mountains most likely you will not have a job as marine biologist  because in order to do that job you have to live near the beach. Also the climate affects the people of France mainly on activities and/or what they wear. They have cold winters and hot/mild summers much like Iowa.  So if you are planing on going to France its easier because the weather is similar to Iowa at the same time of year.


France has a unique society. France takes pride in beauty and the arts. The food in France constes of home style and gourmet, some main foods would be cheese, wine, bread, pastries, etc. France also finds religion important, the most practiced religion is Roman Catholic. France has many people living in its country, 64 million to be exact, in which it shares all of its beautiful cultures.


In France they use trams, buses, cars, bikes, etc. to get around. But a lot of the tech goes to the medical area. France focuses on inventions that help the community. So that being said a lot of the tech goes toward lung cancer, there are a lot of smokers in France. And I am not saying that everyone is a smoker but there are a lot of them. So this makes them try to find new cures and inventions to help the community.


France has a semi-president government system this is where there is a president but there is also someone else in this case it’s the prime minister. The president is Francais Hollande, and the prime minister is Manuel Valls. The government affects the people with many different things but one is laws. Some laws are… that school is mandatory from ages 6-16. And another is that in France they get 5 weeks of VK and they have 11 national holidays which most business take off.


Frances money system is the same/ similar to other European money systems. They use euros that compared to USA dollars it is 1 Euro = 1.39 cents. So it’s not that much different then USA money. The money effects people by say you are traveling there and you need to transfer money into euros you need to know what it is equal to. So if you plan on going to France anytime soon it will helpful to know that 1 Euro = 1.39 cents.

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