MADDOGG'S Weight Loss Extravaganza

Makin' the magic happen day by day.

The Plan of Attack

It's remarkable how much knowledge I've gathered over the past fifteen years of worrying about my weight that I've never put into practice.  Name a diet and I can tell you what you should eat, when and how much. Name a workout plan and I can draft up a routine that will have your Honky Tonk Bodonkadonk lookin' ripe n' ready for any occassion. But when it comes to myself, and I think it's because I've flooded my brain with too much knowledge, I find myself immobilized coming up with a plan to suit my needs. I'll say this, hitting 34 years old did a number on me.  What little metabolism I had went buh-bye and what was 145 pounds became 190 just three years later.

I've found myself at the ultimate crossroads: get busy getting fatter (Why stop now? You're only 10 pounds from 200!!!  Woohoo!!!!) or reel it in giving up my addictions and taking responsibility for the body I'm in to create a more harmonious and longer life. Admittedly, there is a part of me that doesn't want to change. I absolutely love cigarettes, booze and food. And depending on what day it is and at what time I would put those three addictions in any different order to suit my fancy. But I know this deep down inside: if I don't change my relationship with those three vices I will most definitely hit that 200 lb mark - and beyond.  

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