poland is the place where i come from and i would like to share some information with you.

This is where my granny (mums mum)

Where she lives we can grow grapes,cucumber,tomatoes and lots more and we also know everybody that live there. There are also lots of attractions there and shops and restaurants.

The second one is Warsaw the capital city where my other granny ( dads mum) and also where i grew up. There are also lots of attractions there and lots of shops. There is also great restaurants. There is and amazing museum called  copernicus science centre.  

famous places

1. warsaw rainbow

2. palace of culture


krakow (city)

polish football stadium

and there are also lots more


1. pierogi (traditional christmas dish)

2. polish sausages

3. barszcz biały (traditional soup)

4. barszcz czerwony ( traditional soup)

5.polish donuts

6. bigos (cabbage and mushroom mixed together)

7. makowiec (polish poppy seed cake)

8. prineapolo ( layered waffels with nut filling and chocolate smeared over it)

and there are lots more

famous people

these are the famous polish people:

1. Donald Tusk

2. Marie Skłodowska

3. Mikołaj Kopernik

4. Robert Lewandowski

5. Miroslaw Hermaszewski  

6. Agnieszka Radwańska

The Fun Map