founder: guatama is the founder of buddhism he sat under a tree intil he understood the mystery of life.

holy book: tripitka is the holy book for buddishm, after the founder died his followres put his teachings into a book son his teachings could spread,

sects: theravada- life devoted to hard spirtul work

mahayama-turned to god to help every day problems   

here are the basic belifs of buddhism, 1 nirvana is the is the final goal or union with the universe and realesd from the cycle of rebirth.

2 four noble truths: all life is full of suffering, pain, and sorrow

                                       the cause of suffering is nonvirture

                                     the only cure for suffering is to overcome nonvirtue

                                       the way to overcome nonvirture is to follow the eightfold path

                                     eightfold paths

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