Why America Should Not Expand Its Territory

                                                       Annexation of Texas

  • Texas should not added to the Union of states because it will cause foreign conflict
  1. The British have their eye on Texas and if British abolitionists are successful in freeing blacks in Texas, they could inflame the states of the South
  2. Mexico threatens war if the U.S. should acquire Texas, because the people of Mexico still see Texas as their possession
  • Annexation of Texas will add to the slavery conflict
  1. Many Texans are slaveholders, so admitting Texas to the Union means that slavery will be enlarged in the U.S., which will anger Northerners but please Southerners

                                                          The Oregon Question

  • Indians could become angered if the U.S. acquires Oregon
  1. The Indians' British friend would be gone. If the Americans swoop in and take Oregon, the British will have to vacate. Britain's most important colonizing agency, the far-flung Hudson's Bay Company has been trading profitably with the Indians of the Pacific Northwest for furs. The Indians will be losing a valuable trading partner and, possibly, a protector.

                                                       Mexican-American War

  • Lives are lost to claim territories through war with Mexico
  1. The U.S. had an inadequate number of troops, the Mexicans had more troops, our troops will had to trek through mountainous terrains, and disease ravaged our troops in Mexico
  • American relations with Latin America are changed as a whole
  1. After the war, Mexico began to condemn people of the U.S. as greedy, untrustworthy bullies who could deprive Mexicans of their very own homeland next

                                                     Supporters of My Position

  • The Whig party was also against the ideas of the Manifest Destiny. Abraham Lincoln and Henry Clay were leading Whigs that spoke out against the Manifest Destiny. People of the Eastern seaboard also supported my position, because they feared that expansion would change the amount of influence they had on international affairs. Northern states feared territorial expansion, because that could also mean expansion of slavery.

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