Modern Military Equipment That Could Be Useful in Everyday Life

The military has done so much for society aside from ensuring that we are protected against foreign attacks. The amazing minds that guide our soldiers have also poured forth enough time, effort, and resources to invent things that will be incredibly useful for the future generation.

Here are some of the modern military equipment that you are going to be thankful for.


The research and basic hardware that gave birth to the Internet were initially developed by military government agencies. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in 1962 worked on connecting the computer in the Pentagon, the Strategic Air Command, and the defense command centers. After succeeding in networking the computers, the government used this technology to the college system and was further developed into the Internet we know today.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS has been integrated into the lives of many today. Without it, navigating through the streets you’ve never been to before will be very difficult. You also use GPS on your phones. It helps you track people using certain devices.

This very useful technology’s roots can be traced back to the times when the government is looking for navigation and tracking systems that are invulnerable to enemy attacks. The United States Navy commissioned the “Transit/Navstar” satellite system to assist their nuclear sub missiles. Because it was effective, NATO developed it for the Reagan administration.

Digital cameras

Did you know that the portable cameras you enjoy using while on trips and basically every single event of your daily life used to be spy tools? The military used satellite images to spy on enemies but their retrieval process is so difficult many undeveloped films were lost because you have to catch the canisters as they’re parachuting down from the sky.

In 1976, the Kenna satellite used a revolutionary electro-optical camera that encoded the images in digital format. It became the foundation of the digital cameras being used today.

Microwave ovens

This handy modern military equipment is very important to all households because this makes preparing food very easy. Did you know that this is an end-result of the military’s RADAR, which they used to guide missiles?

The discovery of microwave ovens actually happened by accident. A Raytheon engineer named Percy Spencer, noticed that his candy bar melted on his coat pocket as he was working with microwave radiation. He got the idea to create the prototype of the microwave ovens we know now.

Shaving razors

Now, while these aren’t exactly equipment, these are considered in this list because they have a huge role in the lives of millions of men all over the world. Without razor blades, guys today would look like they still live in the prehistoric era.

Gillette, the company that made razor blades popular, initially screwed up its business during the early 1900s because of unwise pricing. But it recovered and was able to snag a contract to supply American soldiers shaving kits during the World War I.

Be grateful to the people in the military because if not for them, you won’t be enjoying the freedom you have now. You also won’t have the privilege of a convenient lifestyle had it not been for their work in inventing these useful everyday tools.