Digital Scientists Competition!

Hey everyone! Eric and I are planning to present 2 cool websites/tools to use to create things. ( I don't know what Eric is presenting yet)…

But Tackk is what I'm presenting!

When? Where?

We will meet in the 3rd floor lounge (where we had the birthday party) on Thursday the 14th at 5:30 to present these tools. There will be popcorn! Bring your laptop!

What do I get if I Use Tackk?

If you use you can win a Tackk t- shirt, Tackk stickers, and 5 dollars!!

What if I want to use the other tool?

You get 5 dollars! And a pick from the treasure chest! Arrrrrrg!

What do I have to do if I pick Tackk?

Super simple! You must create an account (literally takes 15 seconds or less), use Tackk in a creative way, and share your Tackk with two social medias! If your Tackk is the most creative/funny or overall stands out, you get a Tackk t-shirt, Tackk stickers and 5 dollars!