Persuasive Writing

Hey parents! are you tired of paying so much money for your kids to play sports! I think that sports should be cheaper because it takes up to much money so parents won't be able to buy the clothes, food, and other stuff that they need to survive.

Another is that parents might argue about not having enough money and kids don’t like to see that because they could not get along ever again. If this happens then they could start to fight and probably go to jail. I know you're probably saying to yourself ”well my parents would never fight” well they might in this problem.

Also, if they lose they don’t have to complain about them paying $1,000 and getting nothing back! because they can’t use money to buy the things that they need. Also, they might be poor and have to work hard to get more money. Also, they might have to walk everywhere and won't have the money to buy gas to drive their car and might get nales in there feet and can’t walk to the doctor.

Another is that kids have to complain about the parents saying that they can have one year of this sport and another year of a different sport and they could get upset and start doing mean and hurtful things. Also, there team might need them when they're losing a game and if they lose the other parents might get mad too. The kid also, might be upset for a long time and won’t qwoperate with the parents and then get in trouble and even get more mad at them.

Parents I hope that you agree with me about making sports cheaper!