The face of Trans* people and the LGBTQ community

The Trans* community is a part of the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Transsexual and Queer. The Trans* community is wide. Indeed, there are the transgender, transsexual, bigender, androgyny, transvestite, and genderqueer people. A transgender person is someone who does not identify to the gender they were assigned at birth. Someone who is a transsexual person is someone who does not identify to the sex they were born with. A bigender person is someone whose gender moves between masculine and feminine gender roles. Transvestites are people who dress according to the opposite sex. A genderqueer person is someone who does not have a peculiar gender. A person who is androgyny has both feminine and masculine characteristics.

The LGBTQ commynity is also wider than we think. There are not only those five sexual orientations or gender identifications. There is also pansexuality. Pansexual people are emotionally and sexually attracted to anybody regardless of their sex or gender (even attracted to someone who has no gender). There are aromantic, or asexual people. It means that they can't be romantically or sexually attracted by anybody. Intersex people , who are born with both feminine and masculine sexual organs. Agender people, who are genderlessĀ­. The list of gender identifications and sexual orientations could go on for a while.

-Fleur-Marie Dion-Juteau

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