Monte Carlo

 At Monte Carlo there religion that they believe in would be Christianity, all of there churches are Christianity churches there isn't one church that is different from the rest. In there town every family would most likely go to church every Sunday,but some people would go Saturdays ass well. At Monte Carlo Christmas is celebrated as well ,what they do to celebrated is every Christmas eve they go to church and they are reminded why they celebrated and who they are celebrating.Why do they do it that way? you may ask well its been that way for years now.

Most of the people that live in Monte Carlo are Latinos they speak Spanish and English  ,but the people there are usually more comfortable talking in Spanish,but most of the young people there are starting to learn English for they could have a better chance of getting a better job with more money to help there family's.

The people at Monte Carlo have a lot of different dishes but they enjoy them a lot,every family has there own different foods some of the family's even make there own restaurants.Every family at Monte Carlo has there own unique food and there own unique taste for different foods.People there enjoy other peoples foods, every food is made different there is not one food that is made to taste the same.

At Monte Carlo kids or even adults play soccer they will pretty much play anywhere the streets,the beach,grass pretty much anywhere that had enough space to run around in.Boys and girls would pretty much play every day adults would sometimes join the fun and run around with the kids.They also play different sports but the main sport would be soccer, there is not one day that you dont see the kids running around kicking the ball.


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