Rebuilding Athen's

by: Camryn Edwards

If you ever wondered what Athens was like, well it got burned to the ground:( but it a good thing that there rebuilding Athens, so that's good come to Athens, and see what it's , why should you you ask well one thing is that they do acting, Olympic games, and they were the ones who taught Math, Science, and they also made the towers in Greece, So Listen up  


The Athens were the people who made new heights of art . The Athenian philosophy art. Yes I hope your asking what was so special about Athens. Well you see they were the people who made all of the columns in all of the type of buildings in the Greek area.


The science in the Greek world it began in 600 B.C. in Ionia in the Southern Coast of Asian Turkey. This might sound a little weird but to explain the behaviors of nature they asked questions. And the astronomy provided, an example of a new mode of thought is sprang forth, but actually a good one i'm just going to say. The science was pretty cool your probably saying right now.


Now here's another cool thing about the Athens the math yeah some of you are saying math is not cool well just listen. Here's one thing to help the kids learn math they used an abacus  to help the kids learn the math's of the Greeks. And they also had some type of learning ability to also help the kids learn.


Now listen this is one of the interesting parts of the Greek culture, in the Theatre part of Greece they did Acting, Singing, Dancing, and band performances. The Theatre was shaped like a half of a circle that has a stage that is like a forth of the theatre I know that's pretty tiny for a stage I mean really. Well, also the theatre had a ton of people come from all over Greece just to see one performance, I mean really that's a ton of people to show up just for one performance.


Now here's something that some of you people out there the sports back in Greece they had Olympic Games and a to of other sports. By the way they also had competitions between each other. And to have these Olympic Games they had a Olympic stage for the games.


Now that's all of the Greek cultures in Athens now I'm just saying your more than welcome to go to Athens and see what it's like and remember it's in Greece and tell your friends.

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