Life Project

Shelby && Patience :)

About us!

We both work together as laborer's. We drive to work which is 10 miles to and from work. We have no kids.


Together, we make $50,000. We pay $356 to federal income taxes, $252 to social security taxes, $70 to monthly medicare taxes. Overall, we pay $678 in taxes. That leaves us with $3,571.66 at the end of the month.

Established Expenses.

We pay $30 every month for Health and Life Insurance. We also pay $60 for medicare and dental expenses. In  total, we pay $90 for Health, Life, Medical, and Dental insurance.

Plan your Future.

To save for the future, we save a total of $178.58 a month. We give $35.72 to charities.

Chance Cards.

We were lucky enough t0o receive an extra $1.000.

Investment Profile.

The stocks i chose were Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Twitter. I own 35 shares of Coke, and 50 of Facebook and Twitter. The close price for Coca-Cola was $40.68, which brings the total value to $1,423.80. The close price for Facebook was $57.63, which makes this close price $2,881.50. Lastly, the close price for Twitter was $32.32, which makes the total value $1,616.00. Altogether, the total value would be $5,921.30.

Home Improvement.

To improve my home, we bought a laptop, a couch, and a bed. The laptop cost $199.00, the couch was $199.00, and the bed was $265.27. The total price of all these items was $663.27. We pay $27.63 a month for all of these items.


We decided to buy a house. The total cost of the house was $189,000. Monthly we pay $789.90 for mortgage.


We bought 2 cars. In total, the cars cost $25,000. Our monthly payment for both of the cars is $374.54. We pay $60.00 for insurance, registration, and tax. After insurance and our monthly car payment, our total cost for fixed transportation is $434.54. Our monthly fuel cost is $90.00, and our monthly maintenance cost is $50.00. In total, we pay $140.00 for variable transportation expenses.

Food, Household, & Person Hygiene.

Clothing and Accessories.

We decided to buy a pair of jeans, sweatpants, a shirt, 2 pairs of earrings, another shirt, and a purse. The jeans cost us $109.99. The sweatpants were $29.99. One shirt was $5.99, and the other was $9.99. One pair of earrings were $7.50, and the others were $5.69. Lastly, the purse was $29.99. In total, we paid $199.14.

Entertainment and Recreation.

We chose to go to the Como Zoo for fun. We also went to the movies, which cost us $20.00, valleyfair which is $70.00, and also go on a bike ride.

Cable and Dining Out.

In order to have cable and internet, we pay $56.00 a month. For dining out, we pay roughly $16.00 a month.

Actual Budget.

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