Weapons Of The
Revolutionary War

The Charleville Musket

French Charleville Musket used by Patriots

Who Was It Used By And When

Made in France, these guns were used by the French to help the colonies fight against the British army in 1777


Marin le Bourgeoys invented the first flintlock weapons. In 1717 a musket was given to all the French infantry becoming the first standard musket given to all troops.


It had a smooth barrel and was only accurate 50 - 100 meters. It was smaller than the British weapons as to reduce weight during the fight. These weapons also had bayonets.

Musket Balls

Model used in the Revolutionary War

This model had changes made to include a cheek rest and a modified trigger guard. It is believed that this model was given to the Patriots but the colonists had the 1763 and 1766 models.

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