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Level Up TM Model Podnoszenia Jakosci Obslugi Klienta

Analysing the way in Which companies can approach the question of customer service, the Identified four possible levels. This is how the concept LEVEL UP ™. Each company is located at one of these levels, and each company should be a subject in the near future be included at least one level higher.

  • Level four, the highest - CEM (customer experience management) is a proactive maintenance worker combined with a high level of decision-making in relation to the customer. Focus on the customer. Each department and even each individual channel of communication is consistent with the overall image of the company.
  • Level three - RELATIONS it perfectly mastered customer service standards combined with the natural style of work of the employee. The company has Implemented The system of coaching and monitoring of the application of best practices. At the same time the employees have the best standards in the blood, use of them freely, consciously modifying them According to the conversation.
  • Level two - STANDARDS This standardization learned, giving customers a sense of predictability. Negative behaviors are gradually eliminated because they are inconsistent with the Manual of Best Practice Customer Service.
  • Level one - freedom is the lack of standardization and flexibility of customer service.Contacts are very good and very poor quality. A lot depends on the individual predisposition employee, his mood, good will.

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