The end of white Christian America is nigh: Why the country’s youth are abandoning religious conservatism White Christians are now a minority in 19 states. America's growing racial diversity only tells part of the story

I see this sort of article and I have to just chuckle to myself. Obviously written by a young person who doesn't understand that there the pendulum of social, political and, yes, even religious thinking swings back and forth steadily over time. There's no linear advance to a nation (or world?) devoid of Christianity as this naive author seems to hope for (note, there doesn't seem to be an attempt at bashing other religious conservatives - though the article seems to suggest... it before it turns to exclusively engaging in Christian-bashing - and note, too, that the author doesn't seem to acknowledge, much less worry about, the increase in Muslim conservatism that seems to be growing in the Progressive-induced void - which is a tad-bit more violent in approach - think: "beheading" - than the terrible Christians whose greatest offense seems to be trying to encourage people to engage in moral behavior and avoid abortion). In fact, this is exactly the sort of thing that starts the pendulum swinging back in the other direction. We'll see where we all are on 20-years.