Dear farmer jimmy

Now your cow has jumped over my moon for the very last time and made me ugly! How am i meant to marry prince charming without the beautiful curse i am not meant to be a house tramp again that was like a horror movie. That cow ruined my life now i'm ugly and prince charming is sad and i can't get to him. That cow has lost my shoe.That night was meant to be perfect.

farmer joe you need to do something i can't live like this. I'm so ugly and i can not even phone call him.I’m now broke please you have to help me. remember this is your fault i would be in a really nice house. You should be jelly [jealous] and disappointed!

That cow has made my shoe disappear what am i meant to wear a shoe and a sock . I can't walk outside anymore i will get bides and they hurt like hell! Now prince charming has to go around the city just to find who fits the shoe. lucky i was the first one to try the slipper.

you know that night was meant to be perfect. and now it was ruined!and you're probably thinking well you were gonna leave at 12.00 but your cow jumped over my moon at 9.00 to early. ergh you ruined my life



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