UNIT 4.1
Pre-Columbian Empire &
the Age of Exploration

The picture above is a good reference for the cycle created by the Columbian Exchange.  Below, are two readings that will help you to recall the Cause and Effects of the Columbian Exchange.

Explorer Matrix


For your viewing pleasure....

And for your reading pleasure, check out the following articles in ABC-Clio...


#309342 - Colonization

#308658 - Inca Empire

#308637 - Aztec Empire

#308668 - Maya Empire

Unit 4.2
Mercantilism & Absolutism

Everything you wanted to know about European Conflict can be found in the following ABC_Clio documents...
Spain: Spanish Inquisition (309368), Ferdinand and Isabella (314675 & 314817), Spanish Armada (309978), Magellan’s exploration (304851), Columbus’ journey (316980), Aztec conquest (309454), Inca conquest (308658), Charles 1st/5th, Philip II,
England: Henry VIII and Protestantism (309399), Elizabeth I (1296328), Indian Ocean Trade (IOT), colonies, trading companies, Restoration (309917), Glorious Revolution (309706), English Bill of Rights, James II (317485)
France: New France (311816), colonies, Louis XIV (317619), Huguenots (311931), Henry IV & the Edict of Nantes (309697), French East India Company (311880)
Portugal (317321): Indian Ocean Trade, colonies, trading companies, Prince Henry the Navigator (304309)
Netherlands (317305): colonies, Prince of Orange (306881), Golden Age of Dutch Republic, Dutch Revolt ( 309661), Dutch East India Company (311847),
HRE (308656): cath v prot (309338); thirty years war (308656)

Unit 5
Revolution - Industrial

For a clearer picture of the Industrial Revolution, be sure to watch the following video.  Below that is a World Book article summarizing the Industrial Revolution!

We talked about some of the different technologies (such as the spinning jenny, power loom, steam engine, et.) were developed during this time, and the impacts socially and economically.  The following video illustrates life during the Industrial Revolution!

In World Book, the following two articles provide information on Life Before the Industrial Revolution and the Cottage Industry.

The following information discusses the economic changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution.  Be sure to watch the video and read the materials about the two prominent economic theorists of the time!

Explaining the differences between Communism and Socialism.

Revolution - Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment

What do you  know about Copernicus, Galileo, Bacon and Newton?

Revolutions - Fights for Freedom

Now, using what you know about the Enlightenment Thinkers, apply their theories to the following four Violent Revolutions.

Unit 6 - Imperialism

For further review, take a look at the Google Slides on Imperialism



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